Review: Skint But 09/2006

This is a new delight to add to the campus experience and is already receiving great popular acclaim from those who have discovered it.

Situated opposite the university and just down from the Library pub this good Italian restaurant offers a lot.

For those with eyes bigger than their bellies and an appetite that would impress an elephant you simply can’t go wrong with the Calzone. It fills an enormous plate and is simply a work of art. To start, the ‘proscuitto e melone’ is delicious or the bruscetta is also a fine choice. With great food, ambience and exceptional service this is a treasure for those of you near the campus. Combined with its unique Bring Your Own Wine policy, which means you can bring as much as you like you can’t go wrong. Not only does this slice the bill but it makes it ideal for large parties.

Skint But… Magazine September 2006